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The world of online trading is, unfortunately, riddled with scams and unhonest services. Therefore, we understand if you have doubts as to why you should trust us. In fact, we encourage all our readers to be careful and skeptical about services recommending online trading services in general.

But there are exceptions and we are one of those. So let us explain why we are to be trusted as well as the process we use to create unbiased, transparent, and neutral recommendations and guides.

Why OnlineTrading

Our Goal is 100% Transparency

Our main goal is to help make online trading safer and more accessible to everyone that can trade legally. We do this by recommending, comparing, and reviewing the top brokers all over the world. We also create useful and attainable trading guides to help fine-tune your ability to make a profit.

Included in this work is:

  • Broker reviews that are written by financial experts
  • Comparisons of brokers in different jurisdictions
  • Feedback from millions of retail traders all over the world
  • Trading guides aimed to improve readers skills
  • Tips about how to stay safe when trading

In the process of creating content for this site, our team of financial experts spend countless hours auditing and inspecting each and every broker that makes it to this site. In fact, we also spend countless hours testing brokers that, for a number of reasons, will never make it to this site.

In addition, the site is operated by a group of experienced digital marketers that have operated a plethora of similar sites in the past. Based on this experience, we have learned the importance of remaining honest and unbiased throughout our work.

However, the biggest reason that you should trust us is that we combine our own expertise with the real and honest opinion of millions of traders from all over the world. A unique approach that you can read more about in the section below.

OnlineTrading expert team

User Feedback + Expert Reviews to Remain Unbiased

The one thing that makes this broker site different from most other sites is that we use the knowledge of several financial experts combined with real user reviews from trusted platforms such as Trustpilot, the App Store, and Google Play.

This allows us to create comparisons and recommendations that are completely transparent and based on actual facts instead of revenue streams and our personal relations in the industry.

When learning how to trade or while looking for a new broker, it is important to weigh in the opinion of others. And, in our opinion, there is no better way to do this than to hear what both professionals, as well as retail traders, have to say.

You can read more about our processes and dedication to remaining unbiased in our guide about “How We Test Brokers.

Recent Reviews:
3.0 rating
✔ Wide range of offerings and services ✔ Commission-free trading
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✔ Low minimum deposit ✔ Available in close to 200 countries around the world
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✔ $1 minimum deposit requirement ✔ Regulated by multiple top-tier authorities
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✔ User-friendly platform ✔ Low investment charges
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✔ Zero commission for CFD trading ✔ No transaction nor inactivity charges
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✔ 10,000+ trading instruments ✔ Low minimum deposit requirement
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✔ Zero minimum deposit requirement ✔Excellent learning resources
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✔ Low trading commissions ✔ Outstanding educational materials
3.8 rating
✔ Quality education materials ✔ User-friendly web and mobile trading platforms
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